Blanche de Brabant

Brewery: John Martin

Country: Belgium


Alcohol Content: 5 %

Serving Temp: 4°C - 39°F

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Blanche de Brabant is a Belgian Whitebeer, it has an alcohol content of 5%.

What nobler distinction could there be for this tasty wheat beer with its pleasant fruity flavour and rich foam than to bear the name of one our most illustrious forebears ? Blanche de Brabant, who lived in the 12th century, belonged to the French royal dynasty. Left to govern the country during the Seventh Crusade, and concerned both about the fate of the men who had gone to fight the infidel in the Holy Land and about the well-being of those who had stayed at home, among other measures she issued numerous edicts to encourage the cultivation of wheat. So it was that Blanche de Brabant was created, the Belgian wheat beer with added coriander seed and orange zest.


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