Steam Whistle Brewery: Who is the Brewmaster behind Steam Whistle’s Award-Winning Beers?

HomeWho is the Brewmaster behind Steam Whistle’s Award-Winning Beers? Meet Brewmaster, Erica McOustra & Team [read more] Erica McOustra was promoted to Brewmaster in June of 2020, earning this honour after a decade at Steam Whistle – most recently as Head Brewer – working alongside our two previous Czech Brewmasters. A credentialed Brewmaster, Erica received ... Read More

Draught Works: Doing Our Part

Since our inception 10 years ago, Draught Works Brewery has been dedicated to bettering our business and uplifting the greater Missoula area with good vibes, world class beer, and community-minded business practices. From initially purchasing pre-loved stools, to hiring our friends at Blue Dog Furniture to build our bar out of reclaimed pine rescued from ... Read More

DuClaw Brewing Company: DuClaw to Release 3 New Beers in January

January 18, 2021 The following beers will release in 16oz 4-packs, hitting shelves in DuClaw’s footprint by end of January: Sour Me Black Apple, The PastryArchy Mexican Hot Chocolate and Hoodwink.     ... Read More

DuClaw Brewing Company: Six Beer Industry Trends to Watch in 2021

January 14, 2021 Breweries were forced to adapt in 2020. Which pivots are poised to become permanent fixtures on the brewing landscape? Continue reading to see mentions of DuClaw Brewing Company. Link below. ... Read More

Tröegs Independent Brewing: Variety of yeast provides security, opportunity

The scientists in our lab here at Tröegs maintain about 50 strains of yeast. Long-term storage – or banking – happens on something called a slant. Our house ale and lager strains, along with our DreamWeaver and kveik strains, see the most action. Others, like the Spicy Belgian yeast used in Mad Elf, get pulled ... Read More

Van Honsebrouck: The annual review of Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck with CEO Junior Michiel Clyncke

Michiel Clyncke, CEO Junior bij Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck, zet het nieuwe jaar in met een terugblik op 2020. “Het voorbije schrikkeljaar wordt wereldwijd gezien als een rampjaar en toch is onze brouwerij er als één team in geslaagd om een goed resultaat neer te zetten. Al onze medewerkers hebben bijzondere inspanningen geleverd en het is ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: How to Brew Grisette

Tom Green January 12, 2021 Grisette has seen a massive resurgence in the last few years. The enigmatic style, once almost erased from existence, is often misunderstood. We’ll clear up some misconceptions about Grisette and let you know how to homebrew your own delicious version.What is a Grisette? Grisette is a light bodied, highly effervescent, ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: The Complete Guide On How to Grow Hops

John Horn January 12, 2021 There are a lot of reasons to grow your own hops. Unique flavors, fresh hop beers, organic hops, and plain-old-fashioned badassery to name a few. This guide contains everything you need to know to grow hops successfully. How to Grow HopsHop growing starts with a rhizome being planted in early ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: HERMS vs RIMS

John Horn January 12, 2021 Many homebrewers endeavor to brew with the utmost precision. If that describes you, it’s time to embrace your inner engineer and take a further look at two similar brewing systems that will enhance your mashing. Both RIMS and HERMS are brewing equipment systems. They allow a brewer to hit a ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: How to Brew Altbier

Tom Green January 12, 2021 Refreshing. Complex. Crowd pleasing. Altbier is one of the most underrated styles that threads the needle between crisp lager and malty amber ale. What’s even better is that the style is relatively easy to brew. Since Altbier is fermented with ale yeast, homebrewers of all levels can brew amazing tasting ... Read More