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John Martin is the name of a beer brewery in Genval (Walloon Brabant), Belgium, founded in 1909 by English businessman John Martin (1886-1966). A family company, it is currently run by his grandson, Anthony Martin. Besides brewing Belgian-style ales, the company also imports British and Irish beers, and produces soft drinks for Schweppes under license. It is the oldest Guinness distributor in the world.

A Family Tradition

One hundred years ago, settling in Belgium in 1909, the famous British master brewer John Martin said : «only connoisseurs can appreciate beers like mine».

For a century now, three generations of “The Finest Drinks Company” have offered a fabulous voyage into the world of truly amazing drinks. Today, every second, day and night, two of our finest beers are savoured by lovers of finest Ales somewhere in the world !

Thanks to a unique blend of English tradition, Belgian savoir-faire and a hint of daring, our special beers are treasures that we just want you to discover !


John Martin: 5 medals at the World Beer Awards 2018 Edition !

9 hours ago 5 medals at the World Beer Awards 2018 Edition ! The World Beer Awards are the global awards selecting the very best in all the international recognized styles. This competition promotes the world’s best beers to consumers and trade across the globe. We are proud to announce 5 awards : – World Beer Awards ... Read More

John Martin: A new collaboration beer ! Lambic and Stout !

9 hours ago A new collaboration beer ! We are proud to announce our collaboration beer. When two major ancestral breweries, Timmermans and Guinness, decide to associate their names and share five centuries of heritage and know-how the result can only be an exceptional brew. A unique dark beer with a subtle pink hue in the ... Read More

We celebrated 25th anniversary of Bierwinkel !

John Martin: We celebrated 25th anniversary of Bierwinkel !

5 hours ago Bierwinkel, importer and distributor of European beers, was created by Anabel Navas of Valencia and her husband Christian Jardel. In 2002, they joined our company. For their 25th anniversary, they invited us! Thus we were honored to enjoy the Fallas for a whole week with all our management and commercial team. We ... Read More

Three new awards!

John Martin: Three new awards!

3 hours ago We are proud to announce 3 new awards : Gold medal : Timmermans Oude Kriek in the category ‘Old style fruit-lambic’ Gold medal : Waterloo Récolte in the category ‘Best season beer’ Bronze medal : Waterloo Récolte Hiver in the category ‘Winter ales’ Thanks to Brussels Beer Challenge 2017 for that recognition. Think about it, our ... Read More

Beers out to conquer the world

John Martin: Beers out to conquer the world

2 weeks ago Like Ulysses, some beers have travelled a long way from the banks of the Euphrates, through Egypt, until reaching the Celtic and Gothic lands and spreading from Spain to the Urals before expanding into the Americas, India, China, and Australia. Beer has been around the world, much more so than wine, and ... Read More

« Mad » for Beer!

John Martin: « Mad » for Beer!

1 month ago The profession of brewer may be exceedingly scientific, being an engineer at the core, yet certain “alchemists” plunge into mild madness as they get carried away by their desire to inspire passion for one of the oldest and most popular beverages in the world. There is little chance to achieve most of ... Read More

Beer Keeps!

John Martin: Beer Keeps!

2 months ago “Rather good” is the judgment of an expert taster of a bottle of beer dating from 1872. Drawn in the port of Halifax (Canada), this Alexander Keith bottle had kept a very low ph and a good alcohol level. This proves that in a stable environment, beer keeps well! In fact, whether ... Read More

Being a Brewer is a Blend of Passion…  and Rigor!

John Martin: Being a Brewer is a Blend of Passion… and Rigor!

4 months ago In beer country, nothing seems more attractive than to embrace the brewing profession. Yet, don’t be fooled by the increasing number of amateur-magicians, becoming a brewer requires a lot of personal commitment, scientific knowledge and expertise! When it comes to beer-making, Willem Van Herreweghe, a master brewer of the historic Timmermans Brewery ... Read More

Hops: Flower Power

John Martin: Hops: Flower Power

4 months ago Since the Middle Ages, hops (Humulus Lupulus) have been included as one of the 4 essential ingredients used in brewing beer, along with water, cereals and yeast, greatly improving the Belgian national beverage. Hops are the flowers of an aromatic plant of the cannabaceae family, well known for their fragrance and taste ... Read More

Season Beers’ Great Come Back!

John Martin: Season Beers’ Great Come Back!

5 months ago Is it a fad, a search for new niches in the brewing market or the renewal of an ancient tradition to fulfil the needs of a more enlightened and demanding consumer? Whatever the reason, today there is a beer for each season, each with its own specificities. Christmas beer has been around ... Read More

Waterloo, the glory of 18 june

John Martin: Waterloo, the glory of 18 june

6 months ago In 2015, we celebrated the bicentenary of the most famous battle of the napoleonic era. But instead of focusing on this furious battle, let’s take a look at the story of a fine craft brewery which may even have decided the outcome of the battle of Waterloo. The Waterloo brewery is certainly ... Read More

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