1775 Tavern Ale


1775 Tavern Ale is an American beer, it has an alcohol content of 6.9%.

Not your average pale ale, this light to medium bodied, dry, unfiltered, unpasteurized ale is hopped with a single varietal. The Slovenian Styrian Golding hops are added throughout the boil with large doses towards the end plus dry hopping. The Styrian aromatics are paired with the Westmalle yeast with its spicy robust character, yielding a complex nose and palate. With North American 2-Row barley malt, a bit of high-dried “Munich-style”, a toasty “Biscuit” malt and a flavorful caramelized “Munich” malt, this “living” ale makes a savory meal enhancer or a fine contemplative pint.

1775 Tavern Ale Battle Road Brewing Company

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