Barbãr “Cuvée Spéciale”


Barbãr “Cuvée Spéciale” is brewed in limited quantities with orange blossom honey, this Barbãr marks the 140 year anniversary of our family-owned brewery. Carefully following the original recipe, we replaced the all flowers honey with orange blossom honey for a unique taste experience.


With its golden colour and orange highlights, the Barbãr “Cuvée spéciale” proudly displays a mild and generous froth. It offers an intense nose, strongly influenced by white fruits such as peach, melon and banana, enhanced by floral and citrus notes (mandarine). The 140 year Barbãr is a mellow beer which subtly combines acidity and sweetness. Orange blossom honey brings a lot of freshness thanks to its fruity taste. The end of mouth is delicate and without post-bitterness. An anniversary beer to be enjoyed as soon as possible, available only from August 16th until stocks run out!

Barbãr “Cuvée Spéciale” Lefebvre

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