Barbe d’Or


  • Verhaeghe
  • Belgium
  • 7.5 %
  • 16
  • 8°C - 46°F

  • On

Barbe d’Or  “Goldbeard” is a Blond Belgian Beer, it has an alcohol content of 7.5%.

Barbe d’Or” is one of the four “Barbe” beers. The name of the series of “Barbe” beers refers to the Liege brewery “Barbe d’Or”. Brewery Barbe d’Or was a medieval brewery in the old town of Liege (Belgium) and belonged to the family “de Romsée”, an ancient Liege family whose coat of arms adorns the logo of the “Barbe” beers.

“Barbe d’Or” is a top fermented beer. “Barbe d’Or” is a golden blonde ale with a rich and soft bitter taste. The light roasted malts give the “Barbe d’Or” its blonde color and full flavor. The carefully selected hops are responsible for the refreshing, bitter finish. “Barbe d’Or” has an alcohol content of 7.5 % alc. vol.

Barbe d’Or Verhaeghe

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