Barrett‘s Farmhouse Ale


Barrett‘s Farmhouse Ale is an American beer, it has an alcohol content of 6.6%.

Barrett’s Farmhouse Ale is a straw-gold rustic ale “on lees” that evokes a time long ago with a robust yeast strain, that likes it hot…a vigorous top-fermenting classic that provides some of the best food pairing flavors on the planet. We temper this spicy, fruity yeast profile with pedigreed noble hops; East Kent Goldings for bittering and a generous dose of Hersbrucker for aroma. This beer will increase in complexity and dryness over time, providing a bit of insolent freshness up front, and more refined dignity even months after the brew date kept in the right conditions…above all upright and away from light.

Barrett‘s Farmhouse Ale Battle Road Brewing Company

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