Bush de Noël Premium

Brewery: Dubuisson

Country: Belgium


Alcohol Content: 12 %

IBU: 21

EBC: 24

Serving Temp: 10°C - 50°F

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Bush de Noël Premium is a Belgian Triple beer, it has a second fermentation in the bottle, and an alcohol content of 12%.

The Bush de Noël Premium was introduced in 1991 to respond to the demands of consumers who wanted something special for their end-of-year celebrations.

The Bush de Noël Premium is a traditional Bush de Noël that has re-fermented for three weeks in 75cl bottles in the brewery’s warm chamber.

This beer has all the luxurious characteristics of a Bush de Noël – a copper colour accompanied by strong, rich and balanced aromas – but, thanks to its in-bottle re-fermentation, it is endowed with a powerful taste palette and a slightly higher alcohol volume of 12%.

The Bush de Noël Premium is produced in a limited volume. It is a classic specifically aimed at the end-of-year festivities.

The taste

In common with the Bush de Noël, the Premium is copper-coloured. 

Its aromas are manifold, but what first strikes you is the aroma of green apples, making way gradually to impressions of pineapple and banana, caramel, dried fruits and nuts and plums. 

This is a gentle beer that tastes full in the mouth, with its traces of sweetness and aromas of praline chocolate, all complemented by a beautifully long finish.


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