Dark Rye Sour Saison

Brewery: Bridge Brewing Company

Country: Canada

Style: ,

Alcohol Content: 6.5 %

IBU: 31

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Dark Rye Sour Saison is a Canadian beer, it has an alcohol content of 6.5%.

For our second addition to the Ironworkers Series, we have created a dark, complex, and exceptionally balanced Saison. This beer has been fermented with a blend of Saison yeasts as well as Lactobacillus bacteria resulting in a tart, peppery, and slightly fruity character. A combination of dark specialty malts, including rye give this Saison some deep fruity layers, and the Nugget and Galena hops used contribute characteristics of spice and blackcurrant.
Look for notes of fig, plum, blackcurrant, and black pepper in this limited release beer.


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