Dikke Mathile


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Dikke Mathile is a Belgian beer, it has an alcohol content of 6%.

Origin: This 15-year-old amber coloured high fermentation beer has collected a nice piece of history. Originally brewed by order of a couple of Ostend beer lovers; it had to become a typical Ostend beer and therefore, Redgy Van Troost, a famous Ostend artist, was contacted for the label design. He created an atmospheric image of Ostend showing the casino building and the statue “The see” of sculptor Graer.

And so, the beer name was discovered: ‘Dikke Mathile’ is the popular name of this statue.

Owing to certain circumstances, we have changed, at request of the relatives of Graer, the label into a sculpture of the grandson of C. Permeke.

Dikke Mathile Strubbe

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