Downtown Brown


Downtown Brown is a Canadian beer, it has an alcohol content of 6.2%.

An American Brown in style. Perhaps a little heavy at 6.2% ABV for the style and also over the top fruity but our brewmaster has never been one to be confined to style guidelines. About 40 IBU’s against a significant malt backbone.

6.2% alcohol,  Canadian Pale, English Maris Otter, Canadian Munich, Scottish Carastan and Scottish Black Malt make up the grist.

Hopped with Nugget and Galena, it is also dry hopped twice, first with Chinook and Ahtanum, second with Topaz…it is a lovely thing. Balanced and drinkable. Chocolate, caramel, roast and nutty notes.

Spicy, herbal, resinous, piney and tropical fruit from the dry hopping cycles.

Downtown Brown Yellowbelly Brewery & Public House

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