Dupont Saison Biologique


Dupont Saison Biologique  is a Traditional Belgian Saison, it has quite lively carbonation from a secondary fermentation in the bottle, it has an alcohol content of 5.5%.

Dupont Saison Biologique is a top fermentation, blond beer with refermentation in the bottle.
Created in 1990 and together with the ”Moinette bio *”, one of the two first organic beers.

Dupont Saison Biologique is a very thirst-quenchening beer with a outspoken bitterness and dryness.
You will discover a touch of citrus (especially pomelo) which even is a strenghtening  of this thirst-quenchening aspect.
The long refermentation in the bottle ends up  in a very complex but light beer.
The production is being controlled by Certisys and has the label Biogarantie®.

Dupont Saison Biologique Dupont

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