Hop Crisis


Hop Crisis is an American beer, it has an alcohol content of 9.7%.

Shaun and Nico have to break out of Alcatraz. And fast. The Hop Syndicate is hoarding hops, depriving the people of their right to hoppy, aromatic beer. Join Shaun and Nico on their adventure to Free the Hops! First, they plan a daring escape through the sewer pipe, then they surf monster waves on ironing boards, and finally they attempt a high speed cable car getaway. Hop Crisis. Crisis? What Crisis? In the early 2000s, when hop prices shot through the roof and the worldwide hop market went into a tailspin, at the pub in San Francisco 21st Amendment decided there was only one thing to do. They made the biggest, hoppiest IPA imaginable and aged it on oak for good measure. This Imperial IPA breaks all the rules with more malt, more hops and more aroma.

Hop Crisis 21st Amendment Brewery & Restaurant

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