Kriek Max


Kriek Max is a Belgian beer, it has an alcohol content of 3.2%.

Responding to the continuous consumer demand for stronger flavoured cherry beers, Bockor has launched the Kriek Max to give a new impulse to the cherry segment of the beer market.

Kriek Max occupies another position on the beer market than the traditional Jacobins Kriek, as it has a lower alcohol content of 3.5%. Kriek Max furthermore contains no less than 25% of cherries and consequently offers a sweeter, even fuller flavour.

Kriek Max is made from a mixture of bottom-fermented and spontaneously fermented beer (also called foeder beer). The perfect combination of cherries, natural juices and aromas on the one hand and the basic beer on the other hand lends this kriek not only its excellent flavour, but also its pleasant smell.

The base concept “more flavour” is clearly linked to the word “max” suggesting maximum flavour and thus creating a clear product image.
Its clear, dark red colour and its fruity character appeal to many consumers.

Served in its own tulip glass with an elegant stem, Kriek Max is a true delight for real kriek beer lovers!

Kriek Max Omer Vander Ghinste

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