Ladenburger Exkusiv Pils


Ladenburger Exkusiv Pils is a German beer, it has an alcohol content of 4.9%.

A crowning achievement of Württembergian brewing – aromatic hops from the Halertau and Spalt growing areas lend this pils its distinctive character. Smooth to drink and a refined hop bitterness are the attributes of this “exclusive” beer variety.

Appearance, Aroma and Taste
A compact head, light colour and a fine hops aroma characterize this beer variety. On the tongue Exkusiv Pils is elegant with well-balanced hopping. Its taste is full-bodied, lively and fresh. Its refined hop bitterness makes for a pleasant finish, which is a particular mark of this beer.


Ladenburger Exkusiv Pils Brauerei Ladenburger

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