Ladenburger Kristallweizen


Ladenburger Kristallweizen is a German beer, it has an alcohol content of 5.2%.

This is a sparkling, fruity and elegant beer. Ladenburger Kristallweizen is made using a classic, traditional brewing method that provides it with a sparkling character and a luminous colour. Kristallweizen was awarded 2014 at the European Beer Star as one oft the best wheat beer in Europe.Appearance, Aroma and Taste
This beer has an excellent fine-pored, persistent head. It is light yellow in colour and has a clean, fruity aroma with the banana tone typical of top-fermentation. On the tongue it provides an elegantly rounded combination of barley and wheat malts and aromatic hops. Its level of carbonation makes for a pleasantly fizzy, tingling sensation. The soft character of the beer is particularly notable in its finish.




Ladenburger Kristallweizen Brauerei Ladenburger

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