Leichte “Bräuweisse” (Wheat Draught)

Brewery: Bräu von Aying

Country: Germany


Alcohol Content: 3.2 %

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Leichte “Bräuweisse” (Wheat Draught) is a German beer, it has an alcohol content of 3.2%.

This beer is a relatively dark, yeast cloudy wheat beer that for its low original wort content, has an extraordinarily typical aromatic beer taste and is also rather full-bodied with the first taste. There is also an intensive top-fermented yeasty sensation in taste and smell – a real thirst-quenching alternative and a drink for calorie-conscious, alcohol-reduced enjoyment. Enthusiasts of the light Ayinger “Bräuweisse” wheat beer comment: “You think you are drinking a real wheat beer, the light Ayinger Bräuweisse has that real full wheat beer taste.”


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