Main Squeeze

Brewery: Alley Kat Brewery

Country: Canada


Alcohol Content: 5 %

IBU: 12

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Main Squeeze is a Canadian beer, it has an alcohol content of 5%.

Alley Kat’s 2013 summer seasonal, Summer Squeeze Grapefruit Ale, was recieved by Alberta beer drinkers with open arms. Everyone loved it so much they decided to make Summer Squeeze our one and only Main Squeeze. At Alley Kat they are always experimenting with new styles, techniques and ingredients. 2013’s Summer Squeeze was one such experiment that their loyal fans just could not get enough of. So they have taken the Summer Squeeze and made it the Main Squeeze by adding it to the core line up of beers. Like Alley Kat’s Aprikat, Main Squeeze is based on a North American style wheat ale. This means it’s a 50% wheat 50% barley mix to ferment with our house ale yeast.


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