Mummer’s Brew 2014


Mummer’s Brew 2014 is a Canadian beer, it has an alcohol content of 6.3%.

This  years Mummer’s Brew is a dark, roasty, chocolatey, warming porter. It is lightly hopped with Willamette and East Kent Goldings both of which bring bitter, floral, earth and spice elements in muted balance with a significant malt presence.

It is complexly roasty. Dusty chocolate, coffee, burnt, toasted and roasted notes are augmented by hints of almond, dark berry, melon and vanilla. Both coffee and cacao were added on the cold side. Little bitterness results. 

Complements rich hearty fare like steak or game meats. Matches well with virtually every strong cheese – the bluer, the better. Oysters are a particular delight with this one.

Mummer’s Brew 2014 Yellowbelly Brewery & Public House

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