Old Swabian Dark


Old Swabian Dark is a German beer, it has an alcohol content of 5.2%.

Brewed from dark malt and high-grade hops and based on an old cloister recipe. With this beer the name
“Old Swabian Dark“ says it all. It is a good example of the fact that modern technicians have not lost their respect for the old traditions of brewing.

Appearance, Aroma and Taste
This beer is distinguished by its compact head, typical dark colour and powerful, malty aroma. On the tongue it is full-bodied, robust, malty and well-balanced with a nice touch of hop bitterness. Its finish is pleasant, mild and malty with a light hops aroma. In general it is a worthy representative of this old, brewing tradition.






Old Swabian Dark Brauerei Ladenburger

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