Olde Deuteronomy

Brewery: Alley Kat Brewery

Country: Canada


Alcohol Content: 10.3 %

IBU: 75

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Olde Deuteronomy is a Canadian beer, it has an alcohol content of 10.3%.

Olde Deuteronomy Barley wine is back for another vintage. This bold, rich ale can be enjoyed now, or laid down and cellared for a special occasion in years to come. Whether you are just starting your beer cellar, or have a large one already Olde Deuteronomy is a welcome addition to any beer geek’s collection. Deep amber in colour this hearty brew boasts aromas of caramel malts on the palate. Very strong malt flavours are balanced by a hint of warming alcohol and dried fruits to please the tastebuds and warm the heart.


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