Piraat Triple Hop


  • Van Steenberge
  • Belgium
  • 10.5 %
  • 37
  • 65
  • 8°C - 46°F

  • On

Piraat triple hop is a balanced, complex brew with defined hop character. Brouwerij Van Steenberge uses the famous Piraat ale as the base providing the brew with a full-bodied fruity flavor from the malt blended with dry characteristics derived from the high levels of alcohol. Then, four different hops are added into the brew three times during the brewing process (hence triple hop).

The hops pitched are saaz, tetra and aurora twice in the brew house and then cascade is used to dry hop. These four hop styles deliver a complex character, which stands up to the great name of Piraat.

Piraat Triple Hop Van Steenberge

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