Robert the Spruce


Robert the Spruce is a Canadian beer, it has an alcohol content of 5.5%.

YellowBelly’s first Spruce Tip Ale, “Robert the Spruce” is the delicious brainchild of our brewmaster, Liam McKenna, who personally harvested Spruce tips during the spring and early summer. “Like many of the beers I’ve done using what some would consider unusual ingredients,” Liam says, “I always approach the project with great trepidation. I’ve had too many spruce beers that taste like Pine-Sol floor cleaner.”

4.5kg of fresh tips were suspended for 20 minutes in a boiling kettle of 1100 litres of hopped wort. “In this beer, the spruce is present but not cloying. It integrates very well with the cascade and the malt backbone balances the finish, says Liam.” Robert the Spruce is a pale ale malt with a little carastan at its base, dry hopped with cascade hops to complement the spruce.

Robert the Spruce Yellowbelly Brewery & Public House

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