St. Luke’s Verse


St. Luke’s Verse is a Canadian beer, it has an alcohol content of 5.7%.

In gruit ales, herbs, spices and other botanicals replace a dominant hop character, throwing open the door to experimentation. Brewed with an aromatic bouquet of organic lavender, rosemary and thyme, the flavours in St. Luke’s Verse present themselves in unison as a deliciously drinkable potpourri.

History & Style
The Gruit Series takes inspiration from centuries-old brewing tradition; a time before the Bavarian Purity Act of 1516 that declared that all beer be made solely with barley, hops, and water. St. Luke’s Verse was first brewed in 2014 for International Gruit Day, which takes place each year on February 1. Legend has it that young maidens who wanted to know who their true love might be would sip upon a lavender brew and chant St. Luke’s Verse, imploring the saint to reveal their identity in her dreams that night. “St. Luke, St. Luke, be kind to me. In my dreams, let me my true love see.”

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