Three Knocks

Brewery: Beau’s

Country: Canada


Alcohol Content: 7 %

IBU: 55

Serving Temp: 5°C - 41°F

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Three Knocks is a Canadian beer, it has an alcohol content of 7%.

Sticke Alt is a special, rare version of a German-style altbier; bigger and bolder than usual. Three Knocks features a decidedly robust but balanced blend of clean, crisp and bready malts, with an assertive hop backbone. Oaky undertones are courtesy of the oakwood aging.

History & Style

Seasonally or sometimes just once a year, altbier breweries in Dusseldorf will covertly brew special, stronger batches of their alt, and share them with family, friends and regular patrons. Beau’s toasts this historical tradition with Three Knocks, a stronger, bolder and oak-aged version of our award-winning altbier recipe.


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