Uerige DoppelSticke


Uerige DoppelSticke is a German beer, it has an alcohol content of 8.5%.

Since 2005, Uerige has also been brewing a special strong beer for the American market. Our Doppelsticke has a remarkable 8.5% abv and yet tastes unmistakable: it truly is the yummy droplet!

After the initial herbal aroma of hops, which tends to surprise the palate, there follows a firework of flavor sensations ranging from caramelized sugar, malts, and herbs to rich touches of dark chocolate and rum, only to eventually fade gently and lustrously.

True aficionados tend to simply ignore our recommended minimum shelf life of eight weeks – rather, they swear by storing their Doppelsticke in the cellars for an entire year first.


Uerige DoppelSticke Uerige Obergärige Hausbrauerei

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