Whisky, Cider & Chai Tea


Whisky, Cider & Chai Tea is a Canadian beer, it has an alcohol content of 12%.

It’s more than likely that this small-batch beauty is unlike any other pre-mixed cocktail you’ve come across.  All natural, and made with ridiculous attention to high quality ingredients and absolutely none of the chemical trickery of conventional “ready-to-drink” cocktails. The makers at Crazy Uncle brewed superior quality, artisanal loose-leaf chai-tea in small batches and blended it with minimum 6 year old, oak-aged whisky from the Canadian Prairies, as well as apple cider & clover honey from Quebec.  No added sugar, no added flavours.  Just a real cocktail — made from scratch.

Whisky, Cider & Chai Tea Crazy Uncle Cocktails

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