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Wittoen is a Belgian Triple beer, it has a second fermentation in the bottle, and an alcohol content of 7%.

The beer was blessed with the name ‘Wittoen’, named after the knight Wittoen, originating from Oostkamp. In 1417, the knight Jan Wittoen, also named Jan Winteyn, was master of the seigniory Orscamp and mayor of Liberty. In autumn 1419, we find him next to Duke Philip the Good in the battle of Bergen and Vimen. In November 1433, Jan Wittoen had to deal with some difficulties. A burgher of the city of Ghent, Henri van de Camere, sued him as he maintained that some parcels of the seigniory Orscamp belonged to him.  

The case was judged by five aldermen of Bruges, in the advantage of Jan Wittoen. In 1454, Jan Wittoen and his wife Ligarde sold the seigniory Orscamp to knight Louis of Bruges, master of Gruuthuse. Therefore, both knights had received the permission of their liege, Duke Philip the Good. The ceremony took place on the ‘Burch of Bruges’.

Wittoen Strubbe

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