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Bison Brewing Company is an American brewery from Berkeley, California.

Upon receiving organic certification in 2003, Bison became one of the first fully organic breweries in the world. We converted our business to organic methods because it synced our personal lives with our business pursuits. We integrate our environmental values into our brewery and office operation. Bison’s small staff believes that sustainable and ecologically sound food production is the best way to protect our environment, save energy and ensure the sustainability of American farming
But, if our organic beer wasn’t tasty (and award-winning), we wouldn’t still be around. But WHY we brew organically is important to us.
All of Bison’s beers are organic, not just one or two labels to make us feel good about ourselves and bluster about our green credentials.  We are certified organic by the CCOF, Santa Cruz, CA. Certified organic means that agricultural products have been grown and processed under USDA national organic standards and independently certified.


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