Brasserie d’Ebly

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Brasserie d’Ebly is a Belgian beer company located in the Ardennes village Ebly.

The Brewery is still in project ; The Corne du Bois des Pendus is now brewed at Brasserie des Légendes, 7800 Ath (Belgium).


The Corneries of Ebly 2018

Brasserie d’Ebly: The Corneries of Ebly 2018

#SmallInstance, Animation and #concert exceptional! Friday 17 H: AperoCorne 18 H: So Mary followed by Epsilon and Prima Nocta AND ### ### Saturday 11 H: TASTING OF THE NEW # CUVEESECRETEDECORNELIUS #BBQ and #COCHONGRILLE #COURSDEZYTHOLOGIE #COURSEDEGARCONDECAFE 17H beginning of the concerts with Folck Azimuth followed by Toxic Frogs, Creed Thunder, Awissa Sunday 11H Concert Sea ... Read More

Merry Christmas

Brasserie d’Ebly: Merry Christmas

Cornéliens, Cornéliennes, We wish you a Wonderful # Christmas! # Santésanspitié! All the team of La Corne du Bois des Pendus! > Share: ... Read More

Christmas and New Year

Brasserie d’Ebly: Christmas and New Year

Dear Cornelian, Cornelian, Post our Father Cornoelius on your wall. Your friends will know what to give you: a gift from the range of #CornforWeddingCut for the holiday season. Share: ... Read More

Saint Nicolas

Brasserie d’Ebly: Saint Nicolas

Cornélien, Cornélienne, We wish you to spend a very beautiful Saint Nicolas. We are all great children of beer, and I hope that our great Saint will bring you your favorite #CorneduBois des Bois. What is your wish? The Wood Horn Pendus Blonde? Black or triple? #HealthNoHope! Tags: Saint Nicola Share: ... Read More



Cornellian, Cornellian, STEAK TERROIR CONTEST of the Corneries 2017. Win a “Horn” menu for 2 people at #LaTavernedelafermette. Farm Inn A reserved dish = a chance to win. . Be careful, the dishes are limited. Be among the first to participate in this contest. People already registered for Steak terroir, participate automatically. Registration on ... Read More

The Good Service of the Wood Horn of Pendus

Brasserie d’Ebly: The Good Service of the Wood Horn of Pendus

Unique beer in the world served in a glass shaped horn. The name of this beer derives from a legendary Ardennes history dating back to 1636. A locality still bears this name in the forest of Anlier, between Bastogne and Arlon; South of Belgium. The Pendulum Horn trilogy is composed of a Blonde, a Black, ... Read More

Earthly Meals Corneries 2017

Brasserie d’Ebly: Earthly Meals Corneries 2017

Cornéliens, Cornéliennes, As a lover of good meat Ardennes, appointment Saturday noon at the Corneries for our delicious meal of the soil! An exquisite meal for only 20 €! (-10% for all registration before Thursday 10/8 on our website) Registration here & nbsp; Share: ... Read More

The Ebly Corneries 2017

Brasserie d’Ebly: The Ebly Corneries 2017

Dear Cornelian-girls, The unavoidable rendezvous of the great holidays. #LESCORNERIES of EBLY on Friday, August 11th and Saturday, August 12th, 2017. Block the date and come many with friends, family. # Entry_free !! In your opinion, what will be the new secret Cuvée 2017? You will be revealed little by little the great concerts that ... Read More

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