Double Trouble Brewing Company

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Double Trouble Brewing Company is a Canadian brewery from Ontario.

An independent company, run solely by two friends taking a chance on doing what they love.

Claude and Nathan met at Trent University, ended working for the same small craft brewery together almost 15 years ago. From there both
Nathan and Claude have worked in the craft brew industry. They’ve always joked and talked about having their own beer. Something that
they could believe in, a sessionable, flavour packed beer that would not only inspire, but also wake the senses of the beer drinker. A
complex but fun beer. No compromises, adhering to the purist quality in brewing. This idea has been discussed over and over, always in the
back of their minds. Sometimes the timing just wasn’t right, but in 2012 all their bottles have aligned.

From being in the beer industry so many years, we decided to plan, we wanted to bring a small batch brewed craft beer that we would love, and one the average Canadian beer consumer would too.

We contacted an old friend and craft brewer with our thoughts. We talked obsessivly about the beer we needed to create. From the passion came the experiments, the tastings and the refinements, until we had something that we knew was special.

No investors, just what we managed to scrape together and fueled by a passion for craft beer. Taking a chance to do what you love and believe in is what Double trouble Brewing Co. is all about. This is how everything good starts. The first step is the biggest. We are not out to make a fortune, but to have people enjoy a delicious beer that tastes like love when it flows down your gullet.


Old Tomorrow Acquires Double Trouble, Launches United Craft

May 3, 2018 Uncategorized Leave a comment OLD TOMORROW ACQUIRES DOUBLE TROUBLE BREWING TO EXPAND ITS CRAFT BEER PORTFOLIO  TORONTO, May 3, 2018 – Old Tomorrow Ltd is pleased to announce that it has acquired Double Trouble Brewing, an Ontario company that markets craft beers across Ontario and in British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland ... Read More

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