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The Kerkom Brewery is 100% traditional and proud to be so. This is namely a place where real beer is still brewed.

From the hops to the Bink beer, every step of the process is done manually. A beer with a story and hence a real experience !


The brewing farm of Kerkom is more than a brewery or a farm. The brewery was founded by Evarist Clerinx in 1878. Around 1936, his son Paul took charge and, in 1952, it was Jean Clerinx who took over. Jean was forced to close the brewery in 1968, like so many others. But his brewer’s blood made Jean start up the current brewery again in 1988 after his retirement. As of that moment, the blonk BINK was born and soon Sint-Truiden and its surroundings knew the brewery was alive again.

As of 1999 Jean has literally passed on the stirring stick to Marc, a beer amateur and brewer in heart and soul.

Since the year 2000, two new seasonal beers are produced: the Bloesem Bink, for springtime, is an amber-coloured beer, enriched with honey from Sint-Truiden and pear syrup from Vrolingen. In wintertime, the heartening dark beer Winterkoninkske can be enjoyed.

At the request of the Foundation ‘Abbey, Town and Region’ and the town of Sint-Truiden, a new, dark brown abbey beer by the name of Adelardus was born in 2002.

In 2003, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the brewery, the Kerckomse Triple was brewed.

In May 2005 the blond abbey beer Adelardus Tripel was created. At present, the youngest member of the family is Winterkoninkske Grand Cru; a dark beer of 13°, the strongest beer in Limburg, only available in bottles of 75 cl.

In the meantime, the brewery has grown into the road house of dreams for many walkers, cyclists, beer tasters and pleasure lovers, where everyone has a good time, in summer around the wrought-iron tables in the inner courtyear and in winter around the cosy wood-burning stove in the former coach house. And all year long the traditionally brewed BINK beers can be enjoyed.

For the hungry, home made BINK products have been introduced in the meantime, such as BINK cheese, BINK bread and BINK paté.


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