Magnotta Brewery

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Magnotta Brewery is a Canadian brewery from Vaughan, Ontario.

Since 1996, Magnotta Brewery has focused on brewing ultra-premium lagers and ales by adhering to traditional and time-honoured craft-brewing methods. All Magnotta beers are carefully made without fillers (adjuncts) like corn or rice, without additives or preservatives, without pasteurization, and without the high gravity process that requires dilution and blending. 
Magnotta beers are made batch-to-batch by a skilled brewing team. Each brand has it’s own distinct recipe formulated by our Brewmaster. Only premium domestic and imported ingredients are employed, ensuring proper adherence to each beer style. Using traditional ingredients and methods in a modern, clean environment with state-of-the-art microbrewing equipment results in beers of excellence that have won many national and international awards. 
Our approach is to brew the highest quality beer by seamlessly marrying traditional materials and methods with modern state-of-the-art microbrewing equipment and technology in a sanitary brewing environment.


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