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Smisje Brewery is a small independent brewery that brews with the purest ingredients.

Smisje Brewery, formerly Rainbow brewery, with a brewing capacity of 2,000 liters per brew one of the smallest craft breweries in Belgium. It was founded in 1995 by Johan Brandt and was until 2008 located in the West Flanders Assebroek, a borough of the city of Bruges. Mainly because of the lack of the necessary room for expansion (the brewing capacity was limited to 320 liters per brew), the brewery in 2009 moved to Mater, a district of Oudenaarde.  The move also brought the official name change from Rainbow to Smisje with it. In 2010 it was decided all existing beers except to do the Christmas beer disappear launch of the product range and the new beer Smiske. However, the older Smisje beers were so valued that some people have a Facebook group set up to let brew the beer still.  At the request of the regular visitors decided in 2011 to brew brewer also Smiske Brown.

The experimental brewery exports over 50% of its production to include the United States, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Denmark.

The beers from this brewery since 2012 may carry the logo “Belgian Hop-Houblon Belge-Belgian Hops”. This quality label was launched in September 2011 and is awarded only to beers brewed with minimum 50% Belgian hops.


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