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During his studies in chemistry Names Dominique Thonnard itself began to brew beer. Its brewing plant spread slowly and in 1993 he was able to rent a premises in the hamlet Vervifontaine. The brewery was launched on July 31, 1993, the day King Baudouin died. The first beer was launched in 1994: the blonde, hopbittere Biere du Lion.
From 1995 Bières des Fagnes came on the market, later renamed Biers du Fagnard, after a losing legal battle with the Brasserie des Fagnes in Mariembourg.

In collaboration with a Siroperie on the Herve developed Dominique La Hervoise, a dark, reddish-brown beer with syrup.

After the closure of Vervifontaine in 2005, this beer moved to the Brasserie Au Grain d’Orge in Hombourg.

The complete brewing plant Vervifontaine was taken over by the Brasserie La Botteresse Sur-les-Bois in Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse.


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