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Wieze Bier is a Belgian beer with a rich history, dating back to before the Great War. The beer and the Van Roy Brewery have known ups and downs, but the Wieze brand has been preserved. As a tribute to the heritage and tradition of the Van Roy Brewery from Wieze, we have developed a unique recipe.


Petrus Josephus Van Roy begins brewing artisan beer on his farm in Wieze for his own use and for his employees.
Word of mouth leads to more production. Horse and cart enables its sale in Wieze and beyond. This growth and the introduction of steam engines quickly ensures the realisation of the Van Roy Brewery.

During World War I all the brewery copper was claimed for the production of shells.
Out of necessity, a “small beer” was brewed for the citizens.

During the 1950s, Wieze Pils was introduced and the Van Roy Brewery experienced its glory years with the Wieze Oktoberfest.

Wieze Triple was developed with respect for the ancient traditions according to a unique recipe.
The spirit of 1866 and the knowledge of today are contained in a subtle spicy taste with a complex hop aroma and slightly bitter aftertaste.


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