10 adorable #BeausPets for #LoveYourPetDay

February 20, 2019

#BeausPets is a family of furry friends whose pet-parents share a love of great beer!

My name is Emilie from the Beau’s Customer Care team. You may know me from the Beau’s podcast, Lagered Tales. We love seeing photos of your pets here at the brewery, whether they’re inspecting a case of beer, hiding in a box, or anything and everything in-between!

Would you like your pet to be featured in our next edition of #BeausPets? Shoot me an email to ohyeah@beaus.ca to join the #BeausPets family!

1. Gypsy

Gypsy doesn’t find herself in boxes all that often, but the Beau’s Summer Mix was just too good to resist.

2. Tubbs the toddler-whisperer

The little knucklehead was as quirky as they come but so patient with his 3 year old human. Employee-owner, Adam, had to say goodbye to this guy too soon.  Tubbs is definitely missed.

3. Doggo glam shoot at the Bullfrog Power office

We are also jazzed about renewable energy!

4. David & Dolly Villard’s dog, Beau

This pretty dog named Beau inspired their owner to give Lug Tread a try back when it was still in ceramic bottles!

5. Beer Cat Bob

6. Tom the Toller

Tom was stoked to visit Beau’s for the first time. Did you know that Beau’s brewery taproom was voted the best in Ontario by RateBeer!?

7. Beau the jungle cat

Beau enjoys coffee by day and 12-year-old beer by night.

8. Maverick

Hey Maverick, pick on someone your own size!

9. Tom Green fangirls Lizzie and Zoey

Zoey is pictured first, cheering on her favourite Ottawa celeb Tom Green during his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother! In the second shot, Lizzie is recovering after cheering too hard.

10. The littlest Beer Store Employee

Meet Winnie. She loves to help her mom sell all the Lug Tread at The Beer Store in Waterdown!


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