11 #BeausPets that will make you smile when you should be working

11 #BeausPets that will make you smile when you should be working

January 11, 2018

I’m Emilie from the Beau’s Customer Engagement team! We love seeing photos of your pets here at the brewery, whether they’re inspecting a case of beer, hiding in a box, or anything and everything in-between!

#BeausPets is a family of furry friends whose pet-parents share a love of great beer!

Would you like your pet to be featured in our next edition of #BeausPets? Shoot me an email to ohyeah@beaus.ca to join the #BeausPets family!

1. Artemis the Bengal cat

Artemis enjoys cheering for the Jays, eating yogurt and hiding in his favourite Beau’s box!


2. Rosco and Olive, friends for life

Rosco was the shepherd mix, he sadly passed away a few months ago at the ripe old age of 14. He was adopted from the SPCA in Montérégie when he was 10. Despite living life to the fullest he was constantly indignant at the continued existence of squirrels and cats.
Olive is the Dalmatian mix. She is also from Montérégie, she was adopted when she was 7. She is very vocal; she grunts when you rub her sides and she’ll have entire howling conversations with you. She loves to eat garbage.


3. Cracking up with forever friend, Juneau A friend of Rosco and Olive’s, Juneau is a 13-year-old chihuahua/corgi mix. He is another senior adoption from the Montréal SPCA! He loves cucumbers.


4. Little red riding kitty, Khali

This kitty doesn’t bring treats to grandma or scare away the big, bad wolf. Instead, she likes being held like a baby and getting her belly rubbed.


5. Guimauve le beau Wheaten
Guimauve is cute and is always around when his family cracks open a Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale!


6. Haters can’t hate this cute face!  Henry enjoys Beau’s beers and dressing up like a gentleman.

7. Beau the growing pup

Beau’s mom is able to keep an eye of how big he gets by comparing his size to a 4-pack of Lug-Tread!

8. Eryq the Adventure Dog

This good boy loves mountains and adventure!

9. Twigs can see into your soul

Hobbies include hiding in Beau’s boxes and plotting her next kill.


10. Rose, the Beau’s Taproom barfly

Our friend and local organic farmer Justin always brings his sidekick, Rose, when he comes for an afternoon pint!

11. Snowball of Nova Scotia

Snowball and Kirk enjoy drinking Lug-Tread on a sunny day in Nova Scotia. Well, at least one of them does!


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