1st Great Breweries Marathon is a success

Under very sunny conditions, the start of the first edition of the Great Breweries Marathon sounded Sunday morning. The first Belgian running and walking event in the sign of a rich Belgian beer culture, with 5,500 participants, has been completely full for a while. More than 3,500 participants walked the 42 km marathon or the 25 km, 2,000 others walked the same distances. 1,500 sports enthusiasts each chose their discipline – walking or walking – for the marathon. More than 40 different nationalities signed up.

Michel Moortgat gave the starting shot and walked with 20 colleagues from the brewery itself the 25km., A challenging discovery tour through the beautiful region Denderstreek, the Pajottenland and Klein-Brabant. On the way the participants passed the famous Belgian ‘Great Breweries’: Duvel Moortgat, Palm Belgian Craft Brewers and Brewery Bosteels. Afterwards they could all enjoy a richly filled beer assortment at the Duvel site. Sooner or later the Belgians’ love for their rich beer culture would have resulted in the organization of a marathon. As initiator and commissioned by Duvel Moortgat, in cooperation with the sympathetic neighbors Brouwerij Palm and Bosteels, Golazo Sports presented the participants with a challenging, exciting and sporting discovery.

A walk or walking tour with a high experiential value.
“We have been playing with the idea of ​​organizing a beer-related marathon for a long time,” says Michel Moortgat. “It was absolutely not the intention to turn it into a drinking marathon, but we wanted to offer the participants a walking or walking tour with a high experiential value. With the organization of the #GreatBreweriesMarathon we want to show in the first place that moderate beer consumption can be perfectly combined with a sporty, healthy lifestyle. Both Belgian specialty beers and running sports are gaining in popularity, even among an international audience.


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