A modern twist on a timeless classic.

Introducing Triple Bogey Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced TeaInspired by an old friend and one of golf’s finest, Triple Bogey Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea embodies a bold blend of iconic flavours sure to refresh the senses. Always a good time to #teaoneup

Cheers to over 3,000,000* reasons why a small but innovative family owned beer company continues to absolutely crush it.More locations, more customers served, and a timeless NEW addition to the popular product family … founder Geoff Tait and the Triple Bogey Brewing Co continue to pour passion into what they love, one refreshingly original idea at a time.

* over 3,000,000 cans / draught pours served

For immediate release:
(Toronto, Canada) New to the mix for 2022, Triple Bogey Brewing Co introduces a modern twist on a timeless classic, complete with fitting tribute to an old friend. Founder and President Geoff Tait is proud to announce Triple Bogey Brewing Co’s newest addition to the beverage lineup, one that golfers will know well. Triple Bogey Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea is a modern take on a combination pioneered and popularized by Arnold Palmer, dating back to the late 1960s.

A golfing legend Arnold Palmer’s magnetic personality, talent on the course, and sense of kindness adored him to fans around the world, many of which simply refer to him as The King. In a touch of foreshadowing serendipity, Mr Palmer and Geoff originally crossed paths when the two struck up a license agreement and subsequent partnership to design and distribute ©Arnie, an apparel brand under Arnold Palmer Enterprises. It was the beginning of an exciting time and special relationship. And a friendship Geoff to this day holds dear. It’s common to hear Geoff fondly reminisce about his time with the Palmer family and the team at Arnold Palmer Enterprises to which he has the utmost respect. When Mr. Palmer passed, Geoff was humbled and honored to be in attendance at the service alongside the world’s golfing icons to pay tribute. Which makes adding Half & Half to the Triple Bogey family equal parts exciting and rewarding.

The backswing. (also known as, how we got to here)In many ways Geoff Tait’s life has always been tied to golf. To say he has worn just about every hat possible within the golf industry would be a gimme by anyone’s standard. From his early days in the backshop at the age of 12, to working in operations at the historic St Thomas Golf & Country Club as teen, to obtaining a degree in Golf Management from Humber College, Geoff’s passion for the game and the people within it has never been far from the fairway. Teaching on cruises ships, organizing golf outings, completing a business degree ‘down under’ while designing apparel to be side hustled on the beach, the story unfolds as interestingly nuanced as any memorable round of golf often does.

Upon returning to Canada, Geoff launched his own authentic ‘brand’ of apparel. Quagmire Golf, a line ‘not fit for the fairway’ helped pave the way for a younger, hipper, less traditional look. Quagmire would earn space in Pro Shops and retail outlets alongside the likes of Nike, adidas, and the early days of Travis Mathew, another upstart disruptor determined to challenge the status quo. Add a Canadian Open Championship, Quagmire sponsored Chez Reavie would capture the title at historic Glen Abbey in 2008. An unlikely winner, so went Geoff’s seemingly unbeatable hot hand. Business success would open the door to a meeting with Arnold Palmer. An opportunity Geoff would turn into a partnership but more importantly a friendship. Geoff can recall fondly attending events with Mr Palmer, a day at Latrobe, an invitation to The Masters. As good as it gets in golf circles.

Unfortunately, due to partnership disputes and at the height of financial success, Quagmire succumbed to dissolution and Geoff was forced to reinvent himself. Not surprisingly he remained connected to golf. After all he had amassed a wealth of trusted connections and friends within the industry. A fact that speaks to the quality of his character. People matter. Geoff’s seemingly tireless and selfless work ethic continues to earn him customers for life, a net worth in his network.

A skilled marketer, he’s actually taught this stuff, Geoff intuitively merged his love of golf and love of beer into ‘Golf’s Beer’ and another original idea was born. In 2013, with the help and support of his wife Megan, the two set out to deliver a quality beer with unmatched customer service to an industry they both knew and loved. The result was a perfect mix and a business model that has grown year over year ever since. Triple Bogey is now served at over 400 golf clubs, courses, indoor facilities, bars, restaurants, LCBO and grocery locations in Ontario alone. The original blonde lager, light, and amber are also available in parts of western Canada as demand continues to outpace expectation.

Reading the green. (knowing where things are going)Triple Bogey, like all of Geoff’s endeavors, was ahead of its time, and as the industry catches up, it continues to be on the leading edge of what’s next. As the move toward customer-centric, community focused, and hyper-local based business models continues to trend, Triple Bogey is already firmly entrenched as ‘Golf’s go-to-beer’ and the loyalty of its consumer base continues to grow rapidly across retail channels. “It practically sells itself”, is the consensus opinion among Food & Beverage Managers as anyone who has witnessed what a fun and irreverent golf brand can do for business on a golf course will attest. It’s a gimme, also known as a guarantee in golfing terms, as a value add when it comes to onsite customer experience.

Triple Bogey Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea will be available in 2022.
Full details and ingredient specifications available soon.
Get ready to #TEAONEUP this season.

The Triple Bogey family includes:

  • Triple Bogey Blonde Lager (original)Triple Bogey Blonde Light
  • Triple Bogey Amber
  • Triple Bogey Hard Seltzer (Lime)
  • Hurry Hard Amber Lager (seasonal winter beer dedicated to Curlers / curling)

“We’re going like crazy, it’s overwhelming. But it’s fun. I’ve never worked this hard, but I’ve also never been this happy.”
Geoff Tait

Triple Bogey – 01312022

Additional images / information / interview availability upon request.

Media contact: Steve Woods

Email StevePast is PrologueNot many can say they’ve met the King. And fewer still have had the unique opportunity to share time and be considered a business partner and friend.

Working with Arnold Palmer was one of the best experiences of my life.

Geoff getting a personal tour of ‘the barn’ at Latrobe. Home to Arnold Plamer’s collection of clubs, bags, and various items acquired over a lifetime in golf.

Geoff and Mr Palmer share a photo and some time together.
Geoff was humbled to be invited to attend the service for the late Arnold Palmer.

QUICK FACTSGolf’s BeerTriple Bogey is a beer crafted for the masses. Aurora and Perle hops bring out a slight citrus flavor that instantly refreshes. A delicious lager that plays well in any situation. The Triple Bogey family includes Original Blonde, Amber, and Light ensuring there is an option to suit every taste.

Over 391,00 viewsFounder and President Geoff Tait is widely recognized as a thought leader in the golf industry and craft brewing space. A recent post on LinkedIn referencing pandemic restrictions has been viewed over 391,000 times.

Geoff on LinkedIn50% adoption rateGolf courses see the added value in stocking a product their customers ask for and enjoy, a beer curated just for them. Enhancing the onsite consumer experience translates into repeatable business and attributable revenue. It’s a cross beneficial marketing (B2B) partnership and supply chain.

Ideally positioned for growthThe attitudes and behaviors of golfers are changing. Authenticity, community, and personalization have never been more important to the modern consumer. Golf’s collective thirst for a beer curated just for them resonates now and will for years to come. #BetterHitAnother

Customer-centricA hyper-focused attention on a specific audience translates into cross-industry awareness and growth. A concerted array of sales support, branded merchandise, promotional materials, and event assistance help vendors with marketing objectives and keeps the focus on their game, their customer, their business.

PODCAST #BetterHitAnotherSet to launch at some point in 2022, Geoff is committed to adding more authentic perspective and content. Lessons he’s learned, the friends (soon-to-be-guests) he’s made, and stories untold along the way. In the spirit of Triple Bogey, it will be fun.

About Triple BogeyFounded in 2014, the Triple Bogey Brewing Company has been a huge success both on and off the course. Designed for the masses, Triple Bogey features Aurora and Perle hops that bring out a slight citrus flavor, while maintaining a refreshingly light and universally approved taste. Triple Bogey’s 5% ABV 16oz (473ml) cans and kegs are sold at over 400 golf courses across Ontario, Canada’s largest province, in addition to being served in hundreds of bars, restaurants, and retail outlets. Expansion into other Canadian provinces is underway.

About Geoff TaitGeoff Tait is one of the Canadian golf industry’s most respected and renowned thinkers and independent business entrepreneurs.

As Founder and President of the Triple Bogey Supply Co, his work ethic, customer-centric approach, and entrusted industry connections have enabled Triple Bogey to grow in excess of 600 locations and over 3M cans crushed of the original lager alone. An astute marketer, Geoff is quick to spot and leverage consumer trends while his industry acumen and connections support moving ideas through execution. Geoff was also a founding partner in Quagmire Golf – a fashion forward apparel brand that was sold in locations across North America, worn by a winner of the Canadian Open, and earned Geoff the extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with Arnold Palmer.

Well known and widely respected for his kind, generous, and giving nature Geoff is currently busy brewing and serving up refreshing lagers, wine, and seltzer to the golf & curling communities. And also finding time to make some really cool clothing and accessories.

Geoff on LinkedIn

  • Marketing Professor at Durham College
  • Working in close collaboration with Arnold Palmer and his team to launch and distribute Arnie Wear across North America
  • Founder of Quagmire Golf (golf lifestyle clothing line)
  • Managed The Port Stanley Wharf Restaurant
  • Teacher at University of Utembi, Valera, Venezuela
  • Golf Tour Director for Carnival & Celebrity Cruise Lines
  • Diploma from Humber College PGM Program
  • BA of Business from University of Western Sydney

© 2022 Triple Bogey Brewing & Supply Co. All rights reserved

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