A Tribute to Randy Hook

December 12, 2018 Jack Lamb A Tribute to Randy Hook December 12, 2018 Jack Lamb In celebration of the opening of Mt. Baker Ski Area, Aslan Brewing Co. is releasing a limited edition beer to honor a true Mt. Baker legend, Randy Hook. The beer, Hook’s Stash, is a light bodied pale ale set to be available Friday, December 14th at the Aslan brewpub, Aslan Depot, and Mount Baker Ski Area; on draft and in 6-pack cans.

Randy was 19 when he started working at the ski area and continued off and on until he passed away in January, 2017 at the age of 67. Spending many of his years in the Pro Patrol, Randy was known for his positive outlook and unmistakable presence on the mountain. He’ll be remembered through countless stories, including his heroic rescue of a lost snowboarder. We also can’t forget to mention, he enjoyed a good beer.

A friend of Randy’s, Aaron Ebner, said after his passing:

“Here’s to a guy that could always bring you up when you were down. Randy always showed so much respect for everyone and was willing to go above and beyond to help someone in any way possible. I learned from Randy the value of being content in your environment. He loved Glacier, Mount Baker and the people so much, I always got the impression when he told me about his days that he was milking every day for all it was worth and satisfied as he crashed out, eager to greet the next morning with that mischievous smile and big bushy mustache. I know i’m not the only one who loves the hell out of Randy, he’s a goldmine, his ability to make a person really feel cared about makes the guy immortal.”

Randy is survived by close friends Rick and Rhonda Barrett, three step-daughters; Michelle (Butch) York, Melissa Jorgensen (Rick Toland) and her children Shawn, Brittney, Taylor and Kari, Melinda Downard (Glenn Andrews) and their son Tyson, and many loving friends and co-workers at the Mount Baker Ski Area.

Find more info and quotes on Randy here. Have a good season everyone!

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