Anniversary label and new Castle beer on the occasion of 30 years of Castle

We all need something Xtra

To mark ‘30 years of Kasteel’, we’re launching a new speciality beer that truly brings out the highlights of Belgian beer culture. Kasteel Xtra has a low alcohol value (4.5%), making it very accessible. For this blonde top-fermented beer, our brewer combines extra tasty malts with a generous dose of bitter and aromatic hops. Dry-hopping and the secondary fermentation in the bottle give it an extra mild aftertaste.

“Kasteel Xtra is our response to the trend for session beers that are currently enjoying great popularity in the United States. Likewise over here, demand is rising for a speciality beer with low alcohol but nonetheless full flavour,” explains CEO Xavier Vanhonsebrouck, who has been part of the family brewery in Izegem for thirty years.

Beer sommelier Ben Vinken has his verdict on Kasteel Xtra ready: “It has a lovely hoppy aroma and is a great thirst-quenching, no-nonsense beer – a worthy alternative to Kasteel Blond or Kasteel Hoppy.”


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