Anniversary label on the occasion of 30 years of the Castle

At a stone’s throw from our modern brewery, in the Castle of Ingelmunster, history was made 30 years ago. In 1991 we introduced local beer lovers to our Kasteel Donker. The very first Kasteelbier immediately tasted like more!
That is why we have expanded the range with a genuine Kasteel Tripel and a Kasteel Rouge, which has grown into a completely new beer segment. Together with the Kasteel Donker, our Tripel and Rouge reflect the rich Belgian beer culture that stands for tradition, quality and innovation.

30 years Castle

On the occasion of ’30 years of the Castle’, we are giving our ‘Holy Trinity’ a festive look. The bottles with the anniversary label can be found at your local liquor store, supermarket or in our webshop until the end of this year.

3 stars

Above the shield, the anniversary label shows the number of years that the ‘Kasteel’ brand has existed. You will find three stars under the shield and the name of the specialty beer. Each star symbolizes ten years of the Castle. The stars will continue to adorn the beer label after this anniversary year.

The first anniversary bottles are already in the store. Watch the video above to see how the new bottles roll off the production line.


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