Belgian Brewing Art: How Belgian beer conquered the world, with a spotlight on the Brasserie de Silly

News from the Brasserie de Silly Return to NewsBelgian Brewing Art: How Belgian beer conquered the world, with a spotlight on the Brasserie de Silly Belgium, a small country in Europe, is widely recognized as being a great power in the world of beer. How did this small country manage to conquer the global beer market with brews as varied as they are renowned? In this article, we will explore the global success of Belgian beer, highlighting the contribution of Brasserie de Silly, which has recently marked significant milestones on the international beer scene.

1 . The Art of TraditionBelgium is the cradle of the traditional brewery. Belgian brewers perpetuate century-old methods using unique yeasts and premium ingredients to create beers with character. This tradition is at the origin of the worldwide fame of Belgian beer. Here, at the Brasserie de Silly, beer brewing is an artisanal know-how that has been passed down for 6 generations!

2. An Unparalleled Diversity of StylesBelgium offers an incomparable variety of beer styles. From light lagers like our Silly Bio to rich, spicy browns like our Silly Scotch, to sour ales and lambics, each style has its own charm. This diversity attracts beer lovers from all over the world.

3. The Worldwide Fame of the Brasserie de SillyThe Brasserie de Silly, a true pearl in the Belgian brewing world, has contributed to the worldwide fame of Belgian beer. The recent launch of Be Silly Bar in Prague, a European capital known for its love of beer, is one example.

4. Medals of HonorThe exceptional quality of the beers from Brasserie de Silly is attested by the numerous medals they have won during renowned international competitions. Last year, Brasserie de Silly was honored with medals at the prestigious Concours de Lyon, proving the superior quality of its brews.

5. International reachParticipating in major brewing events in Belgium, such as the Brussels Beer Challenge, or abroad, such as the Belgian Brewers’ Bash in the United States, has allowed Brasserie de Silly to become known throughout the world. This participation not only strengthens the reputation of the brewery but also promotes the Belgian brewing art beyond borders.

Belgium is much more than a country, it is a true paradise for beer lovers. Brasserie de Silly, with its Be Silly Bar in Prague, its medals of honor and its international participations, is a perfect example of how Belgian beer has conquered the global market. Its commitment to quality, tradition and innovation embodies the spirit of Belgian brewing art.

So, the next time you taste a Belgian beer, remember that behind every sip lies a rich brewing heritage and a tradition of quality that has conquered the whole world!


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