Belgian Brown Beer: The malty delight with bewitching nuances. What are the secrets of its aromatic richness?

News from the Brasserie de Silly Back to NewsBelgian Brown Beer: A malty delight with bewitching nuances. What are the secrets of its aromatic richness? Dark beer is one of the most fascinating marvels of the brewing world. With its dark and mysterious appearance, rich aromas and complex taste, dark beer has charmed the palates of beer lovers around the world.

In this article, we will dive into the bewitching world of dark beer, highlighting a real gem of the Brasserie de Silly: the Enghien Brune. Find out what makes this dark ale so special and why it’s a must for any beer lover.

1. The Elegance of Brown BeerBrown beer is distinguished by its dark color and rich robe, which often recall shades ranging from mahogany brown to deep black. This elegant appearance is due to the use of special malts, which not only provide color, but also an incomparable depth of flavor.

2. The Magic of Malts What makes dark beer magic is the malts. At Brasserie de Silly, we use a variety of specialty malts to create a complex palette of flavors. The roasted, caramelized and chocolate malts give the beer its rich aromas of coffee, chocolate or caramel.

The Enghien Brune from Brasserie de Silly is a perfect example of the skilful use of malts . Its unique aroma is the result of an exceptional blend of malts that gives this dark beer its distinctive character.

3. The Subtle BalanceWhat makes dark beer even more interesting is its subtle balance between the sweetness of the malts and the bitterness of the hops. Unlike some beers, dark beer is not dominated by bitterness, allowing the malt flavors to shine through.

4. A Variety of StylesDark beer isn’t limited to just one style. You can find light and refreshing browns, as well as more robust and complex browns, such as Belgian abbey beers. The variety of styles offers beer lovers a range of taste experiences.

5. The Enghien Brune: An Unforgettable DelightAmong the most exceptional dark beers, the Enghien Brune from our Brasserie de Silly stands out. She perfectly embodies the elegance and complexity of this style. With its aromas of malt and dried fruit, and its mild, lightly roasted taste, it leaves a memorable impression on the palate.

Brown beer is a true work of brewing art, and Enghien Brune from the Brasserie de Silly is an exceptional ambassador. Whether you are a seasoned beer lover or want to explore new taste horizons, dark beer is an unmissable experience.

Dive into the bewitching world of Enghien Brune and discover why this dark beer is much more than a drink – it’s a sensory experience in its own right!


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