Brewer’s Spotlight: Lupzilla with El Dorado

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I get more excited with each release from our Funky Town program.  It’s not just one beer but a year long project that challenges us to adapt a new house mixed culture and harness its full potential for experimental flavors and aromas.  This past week, we released the third batch of beer that was born of that special tank.  In what could become a reoccurring series, we aimed to create a hop forward farmhouse ale without hindering the house mixed culture with IBUs (International Bitterness Units). We present to you, Lupzilla with El Dorado.

As I lightly touched on, IBUs can be a hinderance to wild yeast and bacteria, namely the lactic acid producing and source-of-the-sourness lactobacillus. Folklore tells us that INDIA Pale Ales are named for being heavily hopped British beers that preserved well for the long sailing trips on trade routes to India.  Well, that improved preservation was due to the high bitterness of the beers that would prevent any potential lactic bacteria from turning the beer sour.  Since microbiology and aseptic techniques weren’t really a focus a few hundred years ago, hops were the way to go to control a potentially infected beer.  To ensure we would still get a nicely tart and fruity mixed ferm beer to serve to you, we opted to sour the wort before fermentation much like our Kill Your Idles beers.  Then, after we finished boiling the wort, we chilled the wort slightly before starting our whirlpool where we add a pound per barrel of El Dorado hops.  Chilling the wort prevents the alpha acids in the El Dorado from becoming bitterness and the soured wort creates a positive environment for the lactic acid producing bacteria already in our mixed ferm tank.

The result is a dry farmhouse ale with a balanced tartness and A TON of tropical flavors and aromas.  First on the nose, you’re greeted by a bright aroma of candied lemon peel and pineapple.  Take a sip and those tropical flavors carry though with big notes of juicy ripe mango flesh combined with white wine grape must.  Finishing clean and dry on the palate makes this beer endlessly drinkable.  Pair this beer with creamy washed rind cheeses and buttery crackers.  For a meal, try it with roasted butternut squash and turkey breast roasted with rosemary.  We still have two more beers from this year’s Funky Town culture conditioning away, then we’re going to take some time to use the tank as a blending vessel for some exciting barrel-aged projects.  Then we’re on to next year’s culture.  I can’t begin to explain how excited I am for the future of this program.  I hope you’ll continue to follow us on this wild ride!  Cheers! — Lead Brewer Brett Bauer


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