Brewer’s Spotlight: Swarm

Hey all. Another sweltering week here in the brewery to keep the beer churning out. (For those that have been over to Gillette Stadium recently, you might have noticed Four Seam has been a regular on tap! Let’s just say they’re asking for A LOT MORE kegs over the next few months that we have to keep filled. Such is brewery life.) With that said, I’m torn between where I’d like to shine our spotlight. While a crisp, dry, and refreshing farmhouse ale has been a good portion of my backyard biergarten choices; like our current Funky Town offering, Transmutation I or our future upcoming offerings, Gateshead and Lupzilla: El Dorado. I’d like to share my thoughts on the return of another summer inspired offering from us, our blond barleywine with honey and grape must, Swarm.

It’s a tough task to make a roughly 10% abv beer come off as “summer-y,” think lighter on the palate, drinkable and refreshing. We think this delivers. Fermented with our house American ale strain, we keep the temperature of fermentation relatively low. Preventing the yeast from overreacting in the sugar dense environment and working slowly and carefully to ferment and create alcohol. Sauvignon Blanc grape must is added at the tail end of fermentation to keep the yeast slowly chewing away. Once fermentation is finished, we allow this beer to continue to condition at cellar temperatures in the stainless steel tank to give additional time for flavors to meld and mellow properly. Like a good summer barbecue, patience is rewarded.

The end result is a smooth blond ale, rich with aromas of fresh flowers, ripe pear and white grape. Flavors of honey, a touch of tangerine, and fresh pressed apple juice with a warming body that is not too dry or too sweet, but just right. Bold flavors and aromas that could easily stand alongside funky and rich blooming rind cheeses or any heavily seasoned barbecued meats you can get your hands on. We’ll be premiering it this week on tap in the taproom only once the last keg of Six Seam kicks (I know, sad. BUT in this beer scene, double IPAs never stay away for long) and coming soon in 500mL bottle format. So come on down to the Taproom! When we open at 3pm on weekdays, the patio is already in the shade; and what’s better than beer outside in a shady spot? Cheers! — Lead Brewer Brett Bauer


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