Brewer’s Spotlight: Wool (7th Anniversary Strong Lager)

Howdy folks, Assistant Brewer Xandre here with a quick word on our latest beer. Keeping with the theme of the annual gift list for anniversary beers, we present year 7: Wool! Given no one wants to drink wool, we thought about it in more abstract and geographical terms. Lucky enough, New Zealand has a hilariously large population of sheep and makes some world renowned wool. Also they grow the coveted Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops… so we brewed up a strong lager (you know, because lager is bottom fermenting and New Zealand is kind of near the bottom of the Earth….). We then dry hopped it, after cold conditioning, with these New Zealand hops to end up with a soft, fluffy, absurdly delicious NEIPA disguised as a lager. While we pride ourselves on being purist when it comes to lagers, we certainly broke tradition here. Wool is, for better or worse, hazy! Aromas erupt with all sorts of orangey, limey, sauvignon blancy goodness that grows wonderfully complex as it warms. Citrus flavors follow suit, melding with malt sweetness and creating this blend of orange creamsicle with exotic fruit sorbet. The mildly sweet finish finds balance with a hint of earthy lemongrass. Hope you enjoy! (But everyone, seriously drink more Brocktoberfest). — Assistant Brewer Xandre Nicolson Wool makes it’s debut this Saturday at our Oktoberfest Celebration. For more information on Oktoberfest click here.


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