Can Labeling Machine

&nbsp Can Labeling Machine We got a new can labeling machine! This will give us more flexibility in packaging specialty beers. With our printed cans, we had to order a certain number of cans at a time, which limited the amount of different beers we could package (because we can’t store an infinity of cans!). But this new machine allows us to bulk order blank black cans and labels separately! So now we can experiment with packaging different pub favorites for the general public! The cans come to us black, we fill them up with the beer of the day, cap and seam them, then slap the label on them. The actual labels are like giant, fancy as f*ck stickers.

black cans before their label

The blank cans roll by the label machine, where the sticker is rolled on and then the can goes through this tunnel (you see below) that presses the label onto the can. The black belt on the left is conveyor thing that rotates the can.

label machine

The consensus over here is that the labels are amazing! The cans look great and the colors are bright and rich! Check out this Snow King can!

can with label!

We are so excited to be able to increase our range of packaged beers. We brew so many innovative, interesting and delicious beers that have only been available at our pub. Now we are planning to package some of the most popular (and our favorites) so you can enjoy them on the go! I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you… but I’m going to…. we’re planning on packaging the See You in Helles!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED! It’s one of my all time favorite beers!!! If you haven’t had the opportunity to taste our Helles, it is crisp and bright and clean and refreshing and oh so delicious! Here’s to more variety in our canned beer selection!

bikes left at the pub overnight

Also, we’ve gotten something like 41 inches in the last 72 hours… (It’s amazing, but I’m tired of shoveling.)

It. Just. Keeps. Snowing.  Praise be to Ullr!

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