Cheese refiners Van Tricht win with Duvel cheese

At the ‘International Cheese Awards 2016’ in Nantwich, United Kingdom, the cheese refiners Van Tricht won a gold and a bronze medal with their Duvel cheese. Cheese and beer, it is a golden marriage. Many beer and cheese lovers will agree with this. Father Michel and son Frederik Van Tricht took the test and developed a cheese in which Duvel is very pertinent. The Antwerp cheese refiners work together with a farm from East Flanders. The raw and still warm cow’s milk is immediately processed after delivery. The big difference with many other beer cheeses is that the specialty beer, Duvel, is added during the production of the cheese. The taste of the beer is therefore in the cheese and not just around the crust.

From more than 5,000 international cheeses, the jury chose the Duvel cheese as the winner. The cheese received a bronze medal in the category ‘Cheese with Savory Additive’ and the gold medal for the ‘Best International Cheese’. Van Tricht developed two more varieties: a cheese with Liefmans Cuvée-Brut and one with De Koninck.

Who wants to taste the best cheese in the world, can go to Stadsbrouwerij De Koninck. Since 2012 Michel Van Tricht and son Frédéric have entered the former bottling plant. Recently they also have a cheese shop ‘Only Cheese’ on the brewery site. The store is also open on Sundays from 9 am to 1 pm

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